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If you’re looking for a professional desktop publishing tool that doesn’t end with printing, you’ve come to the right place. Use it to quickly and easily design all types of publications such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers, books and e-books. Output your publication as a multimedia PDF with picture galleries and videos. Blog texts from your publications directly to WordPress and post messages directly to Facebook and Twitter. Use Opentype’s font functions such as old style figures, ligatures and small caps. Import existing documents from InDesign and edit them further. Export your documents to InDesign for colleagues who do not (yet) use MarkStein Publisher. Save yourself the expense of renting expensive standard software and switch to a modern tool that uses XML and HTML as standard.

Markstein Publisher Professional Edition

What MarkStein Publisher offers

MarkStein Publisher is a powerful modern DTP program with many features that inspire your creativity. But it goes far beyond the design of printed publications and e-books: With MarkStein Publisher you can also blog in WordPress and post to Facebook and Twitter. The interface is clearly laid out with inspectors and palettes, so that you can quickly find your way around. The exchange of documents with InDesign gives you the flexibility you need to collaborate with other graphic designers.



MarkStein Publisher runs on all popular PC´s with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 and Macs with macOS 10.13 – 10.15. All documents and texts are stored in a neutral XML format. You can use PostScript, Opentype and newer TrueType fonts with MarkStein Publisher. You can print your publications on all common printers in PostScript format and export them as PDF or e-book. In addition, interfaces to WordPress, Facebook and Twitter are integrated.

Purchase the Professional Edition now!

It’s worth it: You get the full PDF functionality with all setting options and transparency reduction. You create multimedia PDF files with image galleries and videos, embed hyperlinks and use the table of contents and article function in PDF. In addition, all special functions of open type fonts such as alternative character sets with old style figures, ligatures and small caps are activated. Last but not least, the built-in IDML filter helps you to exchange your documents with Adobe InDesign.

How to use MarkStein Publisher

Graphic Designers

The MarkStein Publisher fulfils your creative wishes and opens up a multitude of new possibilities for you: In addition to designing flyers, magazines and books, you can fill your WordPress blog directly from the program and send messages to Facebook and Twitter. You also save a lot of money: You buy the professional software as a one-time license of 49 Euro.


If you want to avoid the high running costs for standard software, MarkStein Publisher is the right choice. MarkStein Publisher offers the functions and performance of modern DTP programs at an affordable price. Your documents are always usable because they are stored in XML. The bidirectional IDML filter for Adobe InDesign also makes it easier for you to switch and exchange information with graphic designers.


MarkStein Publisher is the ideal tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Design your own publications now. We make it very easy for you: We will gladly create the required templates for you, so that you can design your company magazine and your advertising yourself from now on. You can also fill the company website and the social media directly from MarkStein Publisher.


MarkStein Publisher is an intelligent solution for professional communication in associations and organisations: Whether member magazine, poster or flyer, whether printed or as PDF, with the software you complete all tasks quickly and elegantly. But the program can do much more: You can blog articles you create directly after WordPress and publish news in parallel on Facebook and Twitter.

Comparing Editions

Standard Edition

Extensive layout functions

Many templates included

Stylish customizable interface

Integrated text editor
with true representation

All functions for e-books included

Inspectors for the easy input of values

Layout palette for quick access

Printing via GDI and PostScript,
PDF via external tools

Compatible with tango solo 5

Professional Edition

All features of the Standard Edition

Industry standard PDF output

Placement of PDF pages

Placement of Illustrator documents

Transparencies in gradients and shadows

Flattening transparency when printing

Typographic Opentype functions

Blogging to WordPress

Post to Twitter and Facebook

Adobe InDesign filter included

Workgroup Edition

All features of the Professional Edition

Collaboration via the Cloud

Parallel texting and layouting

Status for pages, articles and images

Table of contents and indexes

Compilation of several files
to a book

Output as ePaper and App
(with PressMatrix)

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