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MarkStein Publisher Workgroup Edition is aimed at teams working together on a publication. The software is ideal for publishers, companies and organizations to collaboratively create magazines, flyers and brochures. Layout and text can be edited by different people in different locations. The exchange takes place via a shared cloud memory such as Dropbox, Drive or iCloud. Pages, texts and images each have a status, so you always know in which state your project is. The results are error-free publications that you can print or send as PDFs. As an extra feature, we have integrated an interface to PressMatrix, which allows you to create your own ePaper and apps quickly and cost-effectively.

Markstein Publisher Workgroup Edition

What the Workgroup Edition offers

MarkStein Publisher Workgroup Edition incorporates the experience of more than 30 years of working with editors and authors. We have created a compact and affordable system to produce magazines, digital magazines, brochures and flyers quickly and elegantly in a workgroup. Layout and text are separated from each other and can be edited at different locations via the cloud. The workflow is ensured by three status each for pages, texts and images, so that you effectively avoid mistakes. Each text is unique in the system, and versions cannot be mixed up. You can output the finished publication as a PDF for the print shop or publish it as a PDF or e-book. A further exclusive feature is the output as ePaper and App with the solution from PressMatrix.


  • Data exchange via cloud memory
  • Layout and text can be edited in parallel
  • Workflow with status for pages, articles and images
  • Output as ePaper and Apps (with Pressmatrix)


MarkStein Publisher runs on all popular PCs with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 and Macs with macOS 10.13 – 10.15. All documents are stored in a neutral XML format. You can use PostScript, Opentype and newer TrueType fonts with MarkStein Publisher. You can print your publications on all common printers in PostScript format and export them as PDF or e-book. In addition, interfaces to WordPress, Facebook and Twitter are integrated. To collaborate with other users, you must provide a cloud memory such as Dropbox, Drive or iCloud. Individual articles can also be shared by e-mail for editing.

Purchase the Workgroup Edition now!

Every user in the team needs his own license of MarkStein Publisher Workgroup Edition. The program is installed locally on the computer of each team member and activated via the Internet. The data exchange takes place via any cloud storage that you provide. Layout and text can then be edited separately. The articles can also be sent by e-mail for editing. A status is maintained for all pages, images and articles. Templates from Adobe InDesign can be imported as well.

How MarkStein Publisher supports your team


With MarkStein Publisher Workgroup Edition you can build your own editorial system at an unbeatable price. You do not need more than the corresponding number of licenses for workstations and a cloud memory (e.g. Dropbox). You can start right away and transfer the existing templates from InDesign.

Layout and texts are created in parallel by several people. The built-in control station and the status of the elements give you a constant overview of the production and you know where you stand at all times.


With MarkStein Publisher your company’s communication will be lean and efficient. Whether company magazine or advertising media, if several persons are involved in the process, our software will help you.

With the intelligent templates of our graphic designers, you design the layout yourself without losing quality. Writers are integrated via the cloud. You can also post to your company blog and social channels from MarkStein Publisher. And the interface for an ePaper and App solution is already integrated.


Brochures, magazines, flyers – it has never been easier to create them together in a decentralized manner. Layout and text can be created at different locations, collaboration is straightforward via the cloud. The process is secured by status tracking. Errors are thus effectively avoided.

You have every option when it comes to issuing your publications: Printed, PDF, e-book, ePaper, Blog in WordPress and posts via Facebook and Twitter.


Integrate your customers into the workflow in an uncomplicated way. You design the layout, the texts are externally controlled and corrected. Thanks to the transparent workflow with status, you avoid errors and simplify approval. The broadcasting of corrections and version conflicts are thus a thing of the past.

In addition, you offer your customers the added value of blogs and social media. Even ePaper and apps are just a click away. Existing documents from InDesign can be used with the MarkStein Publisher.

Comparing Editions

Standard Edition

Extensive layout functions

Many templates included

Stylish customizable interface

Integrated text editor
with true representation

All functions for e-books included

Inspectors for the easy input of values

Layout palette for quick access

Printing via GDI and PostScript,
PDF via external tools

Compatible with tango solo 5

Professional Edition

All features of the Standard Edition

Industry standard PDF output

Placement of PDF pages

Placement of Illustrator documents

Transparencies in gradients and shadows

Flattening transparency when printing

Typographic Opentype functions

Blogging to WordPress

Post to Twitter and Facebook

Adobe InDesign filter included

Workgroup Edition

All features of the Professional Edition

Collaboration via the Cloud

Parallel texting and layouting

Status for pages, articles and images

Table of contents and indexes

Compilation of several files
to a book

Output as ePaper and App
(with PressMatrix)

How can we help you?

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